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International Jazz Day AZ Founder

BACKGROUND: William Doc Jones

Let me start with a little background on myself. I was born and raised in Chicago Ill. Attended Roosevelt University where I majored in music education. I move to Phoenix, Arizona in 1986 along with my wife and two children. Over the past 30 years I have use my passion for music education alongside being a professional Jazz musician myself to help work in the community to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. In 1995 I formed Quick’s Academy of music to work with corporations to provide free music lessons for young people considered at risk. That naturally called for me to create and design a music curriculum for charter school programs. From 2000 to 2008, under a 501 (c )3 corporation titled NextStudent Academy of the Arts, Inc. (“Next Student”) I and my associates were able to succeed in accomplishing our goals to give free music lessons to youth involved in the programs. I was able to accomplish this with the help of volunteers on a minimal budget of $125,000. Over a period of two years, through Next Student, we administered over 5,000 free music lessons contributing to music programs in five after-school programs.

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