IJD AZ Programs

Audition and Enrollment Guidelines:
To register for the auditions, students will need to go online and complete the online form on internationaljazzdayaz.org ’s website. All students must have their own instruments (except for piano and drums) and they must bring them to the audition. Drummers will need to bring their own drumsticks.

 International Jazz Day AZ Foundation: Programs accepts beginning to advanced students.

 Beginners should have completed at least one year of prior instruction on their instruments. They should be able to play a major and minor scale, identify notes on a staff and play at least one song. Students should own their own instruments and should bring them to the auditions.

 More Advanced students should be prepared to:

Perform a song (preferably a jazz standard) that demonstrates their full range of ability
Demonstrate an ability to improvise over a blues form in the keys of F and B flat
Play a chromatic scale (two octaves)
Sight-read an unfamiliar jazz composition
For pianists and bassists, demonstrate a fundamental ability to read chord changes

Drummers should have at least some experience with:

Single stroke and double stroke rolls
Flams and paradiddles
Reading snare drum music
Playing very basic jazz beat and rock/funk beat
Second Line rhythms
Playing a C Major scale on the piano
Vocalists should be able to sing an unfamiliar melodic phrase after hearing it once or twice. Experience with reading music is a plus.

 International Jazz Day Brass Band Candidates should be prepared to:

· Sight-read a basic chart for a traditional New Orleans Brass Band standard

· Perform major triads


NextStudent Academy A Capella Jazz Choir Candidates should be prepared to:

Sing a prepared piece from memory
Sight-read a short melody
Sing an unfamiliar melodic phrase after hearing it once
Improvise over a recording of a 12 bar blues

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